Marketing Roadmap

Brand Awareness

Implementing various marketing campaigns targeted at our audience, including activities on social media, partnerships, and engagement in crypto communities.


  • Establish and strategically manage social media channels. ☑️

  • Research and reach out to potential industry partners (e.g., IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft) for collaboration. ☑️

  • Explore opportunities for collaboration with KOLs and crypto influencers. ☑️

  • Develop tools and methodologies for measuring and analyzing brand awareness.

  • Create targeted marketing campaigns based on audience analysis.

User Engagement

Engaging with crypto communities and influencers to gather input and feedback on tool development, ensuring that Artemis AI meets the real-world needs of crypto traders.


  • Organize and execute online contest to foster user engagement. ☑️

  • Conduct online surveys and interviews for product feedback collection.

  • Establish strategies for user experience improvements based on user behavior analysis.

Brand Loyalty

Regular feedback collection and updates to enhance user experience and strengthen brand loyalty.


  • Regularly conduct user satisfaction surveys and feedback collection. ☑️

  • Analyze user feedback for product improvement and set priorities.

  • Regularly review and improve user experience.

  • Identify and nurture ambassador and supporters within community.

  • Establish and manage an effective customer service and support system.