Development Roadmap

Initial Phase

Launch and development of Artemis AI's various tools for crypto trading, starting with Cross Wallet Tracker.


  1. Finalize and Deploy Cross Wallet Tracker

  • Complete final testing and debugging. ☑️

  • Set up a user-friendly interface. ☑️

  • Launch the tool and monitor initial user feedback. ☑️

  • Implement initial user feedback for immediate improvements. ☑️

  1. Lunch Ultimate Volume Tracker

  • Finalize development and conduct thorough testing. ☑️

  • Officially launch and promote to target audiences. ☑️

  • Develop comprehensive user guides and support materials.

Intermediate Phase

Enhancement of AI-based algorithms. This phase involves collecting and analyzing trading data to continuously train the AI, identifying high-performance wallets and coins with potential.


  1. Continuous Data Collection and Analysis

  • Implement systems for ongoing data collection from launched tools. ☑️

  • Begin preliminary analysis of collected data for future improvements. ☑️

  1. Develop Advanced Ultimate Volume Tracker

  • Design and implement advanced filtering algorithms. ☑️

  • Integrate data insights from the Cross Wallet Tracker. ☑️

  1. Complete Development of Community Activity Tracker and DeFi Analysis Aggregator

  • Finalize the core development of both tools.

  • Conduct internal testing and iterate based on feedback.

  • Prepare for beta testing and public release.

  1. Data Synthesis and Analysis Improvement

  • Enhance machine learning algorithms with new data sets from all tools.

  1. User Experience Enhancement

  • Collect and analyze user feedback for UI/UX improvements.

  • Implement updates based on feedback for better user engagement.

  1. Prepare for Ultimate Sniper Development

  • Finalize the feature set and requirements for Artemis Ultimate Sniper.

  • Begin preliminary development and design work.

Final Phase

Development and deployment of an automated trading bot. This bot will execute trades based on collected data and AI analysis.


  1. Complete the Development of Artemis Ultimate Sniper

  • Integrate functionalities and data from all previous tools.

  • Focus on advanced machine learning capabilities for automated trading.

  1. Extensive Testing and Refinement

  • Conduct thorough testing for reliability and efficiency.

  • Refine based on test results and expert feedback.

  1. User Trial and Feedback Incorporation

  • Implement a beta testing phase with select user groups.

  • Collect and analyze feedback for final adjustments.

  1. Launch Preparation and Marketing

  • Plan a strategic launch for Artemis Ultimate Sniper.

  • Develop comprehensive marketing and educational materials.

  1. Post-Launch Monitoring and Improvement

  • Monitor tool performance and user feedback post-launch.

  • Plan for continuous updates and improvements based on user needs.